2nd opinions can save you money and time by ensuring your project is done right. We offer consultation services to evaluate your project at any phase. We’ll evaluate your contract, work done thus far, materials that should be used or even recommend a contractor that we have worked with that has an excellent reputation.

Project Planning

Proper planning prior to the construction phase of a project ensures high-quality results. During the planning phase, we will establish a detailed construction schedule highlighting all activities including purchasing, fabrication, shop drawing production and construction work in place. We’ll Order and expedite the delivery of all material. Implement management control of all project activities including subcontractor agreements and purchase orders.


We are fully insured and own a fleet of equipment ready to build your home, office building, stable, warehouse and more. If you can dream it, we can build it. As a Contractor and Builder, you can ensure your project is seamlessly executed with the highest quality.

McElroy Metal

As an official Contractor with McElroy Metal, we provide metal roofing, metal siding, and substructural components from the industries leading manufacturer. McElroy’s product line includes a wide variety of architectural standing seam roofing systems as well as many industrial and commercial wall and roof panels.


We are uniquely experienced in a range of industries to suit your needs: